When the final episode of Gossip Girl aired in 2012 (spoilers ahead, but seriously, if you haven’t seen it by now you never will) a lot of people were shocked and disappointed that Gossip Girl’s identity was revealed to be Dan Humphrey.

It seemed like a rushed decision on the part of the show’s writers, because there were times throughout the series when Dan received a message from Gossip Girl and was genuinely surprised by it. It literally made no sense at all.

Hearing about the Gossip Girl reboot, Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald, has confirmed he’s all for it – largely because of the way Gossip Girl ended.

“I think they’re smart, to keep it going,” he said, adding that on streaming service HBOMax, the creators will have more freedom with how many episodes to make.

“You can write with the ending in mind more … you can build more to the end.”


When asked what he really thought of the Gossip Girl finale, Crawford said:

“I mean, don’t know. Was it controversial? I can’t remember what people have said about Dan.”

“Me personally, I thought it was kind of funny,” he said.

“I can’t speak for Penn [Badgley], but I’m not even really sure what I think about it.”

“It’s hard—on any show that has a good run and has a large, passionate fan base—to end it. You can never give it an ending that lives up to the expectation, right?

“If I’m being honest, just knowing Penn at the time, we all thought it was kind of funny.”

Here’s hoping for a nuanced and, honestly, sense-making ending for the reboot.