It’s true. I am an unashamed fan of Céline Dion. But, honestly, what’s not to love? She has mastered reinvention like no other, takes mighty fashion risks and at 51, proves age is no barrier to style, beauty and sense of self. She clocked Paris Haute Couture Week with an endless stream of fantastical, over-the-top outfits, she indulges fashion irony wearing ‘I love Paris Hilton’ tees and Titanic sweatshirts, she even recreated Jack and Rose’s iconic Titanic scene in Las Vegas with James Corden. Basically she’s a good sport with great style and an even better voice, who goes forth fearlessly, always. (A rare feat for the calculated, contrived world of celebrity).

But perhaps even better than Schiaparelli couture, Heart of the Ocean pendants and walking Weimaraners in diamonds is this video. Earlier in the week, Dion posted a video of her 1996 hit, ”It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” on Instagram. But this was no ordinary music video. In collaboration with Instagram, Dion recreated the iconic film clip with a ’90s shopping spin, serving up delicious nostalgia with soap-opera worthy theatre and excellent satire.

“Honey, over the top music videos never went out of style. Had so much fun working with my friends at Instagram to bring ’90s style back for the holidays. Shop with your heart on Instagram. Celine xx”

The hilarious video cleverly taps ’90s trends which have “come back”, using Dion’s (or songwriter Jim Steinman’s) famous lyrics as a conduit to showcase them. For example, “There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light” cuts to glomesh and glorious chainmail, glinting as if straight from the era. “There were things I’d never do again, but then they’d always seemed right” flashes to a real throwback image of Dion in the ’90s wearing a puffy Canadian tuxedo (aka double denim). Then a stream of snakeskin, sneakers, rimless sunglasses, chokers, cowboy hats – even overt lip liner – all with a canny overlay of brand names (directing you to shop Instagram’s Gift Guide via the app’s shopping platform). Brilliant, right?

And just like Eva Chen – “I have literally watched this 36 times” – we too have watched this video 36 times – if not more. It’s highly addictive, hypnotic stuff. There she is, in all her ’90s fashion glory, just being fabulous. Besides, if anyone is going to sell me a Michael Kors bag, it’s Céline Dion.

watch the video in full below: