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Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez just made their friendship a forever thing by doing the closest thing to marriage possible to cement a platonic relationship: matching tattoos. 

One day after Gomez’s new back tattoo was revealed by New York-based Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy on Instagram, the celebrity tattoo artist posted a video of Delevingne with the exact same piece on her ribcage. 

The tattoo itself is a watercolour rose with pink petals that bloom outward. Both Gomez and Delevingne added roman numerals to the top, with Gomez’s smaller at bottom of her neck and Delevingne opting for a larger font: 

“I had so much fun making these tattoos— thanks for always trusting me Cara🖤,” McCurdy wrote in the caption of his video of Delevingne. “Fyi I didn’t tell them til the end that these were my first watercolor tattoos ever,” he added.

McCurdy didn’t reveal what the meaning of the tattoo is, but both women have an extensive amount of ink on their respective bodies. Gomez has matching tattoos with a few of her friends as does Delevingne, who has matching ink with her ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson as well as friends Paris Jackson and Kaia Gerber.

Gomez has 16 tattoos, each of which is intended to commemorate an important moment in her life. This watercolour piece joins a musical note, the Arabic words for “love yourself first,” the roman numerals LXXVI, a small cross, and the word “Rare,” referencing her last album.

Delevingne and Gomez, who have been close since they starred together in mutual friend Taylor Swift’s 2014 “Bad Blood” music video, are now working together for the first time, too. Next year, they become co-stars when Delevingne joins season two of Hulu’s show Only Murders in the Building, which stars Gomez along with Martin Short and Steve Martin.

Last month, the pair went to a New York Knicks game together where they shared a kiss for the Kiss Cam. Once on screen, Gomez leaned over to give Delevingne a peck on the cheek, sending fans in the audience wild. Friendship goals.