Models wore Swarovski rings in the Jason Wu show. (Credit: Getty Images)

In GRAZIA’s world, there’s never a wrong time to make a fashion statement with bold fashion rings, especially when global trends are so tuned into the more-is-more design sentiment. (Hello Liberace! You’re our new old fashion muse.)

But when it comes to the world’s most premium costume jewellery-maker and its rings, in particular, a few smart rules can help you steer clear of sartorial, safety and etiquette woes.

Can Swarovski rings be worn everyday? We say absolutely if you match the right style to each occasion and care for the pieces so they stay their fabulous best, always.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss wearing pieces from the Swarovski Remix collection. (Credit: Supplied)

7 ways to wear Swarovski rings every day

Scenario 1: Around the house

Unless you’re Liberace, it’s unlikely you’ll want a knuckleduster as your standard hand-candy while you’re pottering at home. While Swarovski might be known for its striking oversized cocktail rings, there are plenty of smaller, simpler pieces that are perfect for barely-there, everyday use.

Swarovski rings are made of palladium and gold-plated metal that are designed to withstand wear and tear, but the crystals themselves are better kept away from regular contact with water. (Washing your hands should be fine with the more sturdy, clear-stoned rings, but better to remove beforehand for larger cocktail pieces in the unlikely event you’re wearing them while doing housework.)

Should your ring get dull or dirty, it’s fine to wash in lukewarm water with a little mild detergent. Dry your ring immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Don’t use a commercial jewellery cleaner or sonic cleaner, as these will be too harsh for the crystals in your Swarovski rings.


Frisson mixed cuts ring, white, palladium plating, $79.

Scenario 2: In the office

While the rules around office attire and etiquette have changed to the point of being sometimes non-existent in some places, there are still plenty of industries where some of the more glittering, oversized Swarovski rings might not so appropriate. Opt for something more refined and polished with smaller, monotone Swarovski crystals and a chic rose gold tone. This Dynamic Ring featuring overlayed ring shapes and white and black is the perfect example; it would work with a formal office suit in the boardroom, hinting at a stylish edge without looking too showy. They fact that it would look just as good with an LBD for evening, or Bassike tee and jeans on the weekend, is just a bonus.


Dynamic ring, grey, rose gold plating, $249.

Scenario 3: When you’re travelling

As tempting as it might be to pack your fine jewellery and family heirlooms when you’re travelling for work or on vacation, your safest bet is always to take pieces that don’t tempt fate. Costume jewellery like Swarovski rings make the perfect fill-in for engagement rings. This Duo Evil Eye ring is a particular favourite with GRAZIA’s fashion department given eye motif is well known as an ancient protective talisman often embraced by travellers. Chic, glamorous with a touch of bohemian spirit, as all the best travel should be.


Duo Evil eye ring, multi-coloured, rose gold plating, $149.

Scenario 4: At the beach

Can you wear Swarovski rings at the beach? Provided you’re not digging sandcastles or catching waves all day, the answer’s a firm yes. Direct sunlight will not damage Swarovski crystals. In fact, they’re cut to shine best when worn in bright light. So wear your favourite cocktail ring with your Zimmermann swimsuit and Lack of Colour designer hat and you’ll look all the right kind of wow on the water’s edge. Note though, crystals can be damaged by abrasive surfaces like sand, so remove yours before swimming or playing in the sand. In that case, the bigger and more easily spotted your ring is inside your beach bag, the better. Going bold is the new beach black.

grazia recommends:

Millennium cocktail ring, multi-coloured, mixed plating, $249.


If ever there was an appropriate time to be EXTRA in the Swarovski ring department, it’s at an evening party. Bold jewellery can make an outfit, and Swarovski rings are an affordable but elegant way to wear jewellery that’s a talking point. Frivolous, nature-inspired motifs (think flowers, bees, wild animals, animals, snakes or vines) are a stand-out jewellery trend right now. Be careful if wearing chiffon or cashmere if your ring has multiple points or small edges. Always remove your Swarovski rings before washing hands if they’re of the oversized, heavily detailed variety like these two beautiful pieces below.


Manor ring, multi-coloured, rose gold plating, $399.

march Fox Motif Ring, multi coloured gold plating, $399.