It’s trans-seasonal style trick women cottoned on as far back as the fifties: a comfortable cardigan’s the easiest ‘throw on, throw off’ way to ward off the early spring chills.

What no-one expected was for novelty knitwear, ranging from the quirky shaped to the downright hideous (we see you Jared Leto), to become the hottest thing in streetwear for everyone from rappers to rock stars and tattooed sportsmen.

But there’s a fine line between cool hipster and awkward-looking ’80s Clark Kent when it comes to wearing men’s jumpers and cardigans the right way. Sydney-based celebrity stylist Fernando Barraza shares his best tips ahead ahead of spring’s fast-approaching arrival.

Superman with a streak of Kent: street style at New York Fashion Week
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biggest knit trends for men heading into spring? Keep it plain and simple with greys, charcoal, black and navy, but if you want to stand out then stripes are the way to go – they’re everywhere. Loud graphic prints on jumpers and knits are trending now too.

And the classic preppy look isn’t going anywhere either.

celebs who rock a killer spring knit look? David Beckham, Harry Styles, and Jared Leto, but all in very different signature ways.

Pharrell was first on field in the striped cardigan game
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If a style icon does it front row with Alexa Chung at Paris Fashion Week, it’s a thing
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hottest brands for mens knitwear right now? Designers like Gucci, Kenzo and Dolce & Gabbana are at the forefront of cool graphic knitwear that’s fun. If you’re after a chilled-out vibe, Incu stocks a great selections of brands from APC, Comme Des Garcons and Paul Smith to choose from that are nothing crazy but still very practical. And for the budget conscious, you can never go wrong with Zara and H&M.

David Beckham knitted out for the H&M campaign
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One of Jared Leto’s more conservative knitwear choices of late
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TOP CASUAL KNITWEAR STYLING TIP? I love the oversized relaxed vibe, just don’t let the jumper wear you.

BEST FORMAL KNITWEAR STYLING TIP RIGHT NOW? Layering is a tricky, but wearing a slightly thinner knit underneath a suit jacket with shirt and tie always looks stylish. Why not think outside the box and try and vest too? They’re a great way of still looking cool without being bulky in the armpits.

Roughed up: Harry Styles
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Straight from grandad’s wardrobe: Harry Styles usually opts for the retro look
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