While I love a blockbuster scent, there is something wonderful about a fragrance unusual enough to spark repeated wrist-sniffs. Whether it’s an underground brand, a quirky composition or a scent that speaks to places or memories as opposed to distinct notes, I am here for it. With 2022 underway, the promise of spending more time in the company of others has me reaching for some fresh new picks — from salty to smoky and everything in between.

So if you too are chasing down a perfume you’ve never smelled before, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for my current favourites.

Le Labo Thé Matcha 26 EDP, $406. shop now

Subtle, creamy and verdant, this new juice from Le Labo is world’s away from the smoky, esoteric qualities of fan favourites like Santal 33 and The Noir. I love it for the fig element, but all those who prefer a quiet fragrance will enjoy The Matcha 26.

Sigil Scent Amor Fati, $190. shop now

Sigil is a brand I discovered on Instagram. The gender-fluid line is founded by self-taught perfumer Patrick Kelly, and each scent has a unique, blended finish that’s incredibly appealing. Amor Fati is resinous, smoky and very dense — the kind of fragrance that’s best worn after dark. The notes are oud, green pine and palo santo, but it’s the combination of them that shines. If you like grungy, gritty scents, you’ll far hard for Amor Fati.

D.s. & durga st. vetyver, $249. shop now

This scent is described as an homage to rugged sailors traversing the Caribbean, and it couldn’t be more apt. Salty, wind-blown, woody and sunburnt, it’s oceanique but not in the ‘tropical’ way. Instead, spiced rhum, cane plant and vetyver give it a masculine edge.

100BON here and now spray, $33. shop now

If you prefer natural, water-based scents with mood-boosting properties, 100BON’s Here and Now Spray is the answer. Infused with grounding vetiver and guaiac woods, a spritz will help you recenter and recalibrate in times of stress or chaos (the perfect pandemic accompaniment).

Odesse Solid perfume forest floor, $70. SHOP NOW

Odesse is a small, Australian fragrance house that specialise in solid parfums. Not only are they compact and painfully chic, but the refillable element and minimal packaging position them as a more sustainable fragrance alternative. I am particularly fond of forest floor — a clean, slightly sweet mix of pear, magnolia, tuberose and cedar. To me, it marries the freshness of morning dew with the softness of white flowers. In a word, it’s really pretty.

Tom ford lost cherry body spray, $140. shop now

This Tom Ford body mist is like Impulse for grown ups. Juicy and slightly tart, it has an extremely addictive, moreish finish that’s much more wearable than the eau de parfum. Tom Ford purists might not like the sound of that, but I love the idea of misting it in my hair or layering with another scent. The base of Turkish rose and jasmine sambac ensures a really warm, intoxicating dry down on the skin, too.

La Fille De Berlin EDP, $213. SHOP NOW
Serge Lutens is absolutely an icon in the world of perfumery, and i’s the story behind each scent that makes the brand so special. La Fille De Berlin is rich, evocative and extremely rose-heavy. It’s very attention-grabbing, so try it if you favour a scent that’s punchy and bold.