Makeup can be a means to an end (fluffier lashes, more defined brows, brighter cheeks) but it can also be an escape or an outlet for creativity. A winged linger might be your interpretation of art; a punchy brick-red lip could solicit a smile (both figuratively and literally speaking). Either way, makeup can be a wonderful way to while away the hours while you isolate, if you feel so inclined. Here, we’ve compiled 10 of the best tutorials on Instagram, so you can brush up on technique, learn a new skill, discover a fresh colour combination… even simply seek solace  by way of a three-minute highlighter routine. Think of it as a little light in an otherwise bleak situation.

Makeup artist Nikki DeRoest is the authority on dewy, glossy skin, so why not steal a few tricks from her book.

You can also watch her in action here painting the face of real life angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Inject a little brightness into the every day with this zingy lemon eye tutorial.

Fenty global artist Priscilla Ono is a master of colour and texture. This teal liner is perfect for home, don’t you think?

No one does dewy skin quite like Nam Vo. Fortunately, she’s open to sharing some of her trade secrets.

KKW’s iconic contour routine? Sign us up.

Those who favour a more natural approach will benefit from this glowy, natural look from clean beauty brand Kosas.

Proper use of concealer feels like a good skill to have in your arsenal.

Makeup artist Nina Park details step by step how to achieve natural, luminous skin by layering your products.

Influencer Carmen Hamilton does party makeup in a way that’s easy to digest.