Christmas is a lot of things, and expensive can absolutely be one of them. But thankfully, beauty is a relatively democratic space, and it’s easy to wrap up something wonderful that won’t burn a hole through your wallet. The trick is knowing where to look. But that’s where we come in. Here, GRAZIA’s team of international editors round up their favourite cheap and cheerful beauty gifts (all of which come in at under $50). Perfect for neighbours, cousins, secret Santa’s… you get the gist.

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Dior Diorific Vernis in red wonders, $43, shop now

“I’d ask Santa for this polish just to stare at the packaging alone. But with that being said, the shiny, firetruck red hue inside is pretty special. It’s part of the exclusive Dior Golden Nights Holiday 2020 collection, a rock ‘n’ roll take on the festive season as dreamt up by Creative and Image Director Peter Philips. Two coats is all you (or your Secret Santa) need.” – Emily Algar, contributing beauty editor

The beauty chef collagen inner beauty boost, $45, shop now

2020 was the year I fully committed to the many supplements in my possession. I’d dabbled before – sticking to consistent use for a few weeks or months here and there – but would always inevitably fall out of routine and forget about the many concoctions I’d committed to. But this year left little distraction, with my abandoned supplements shelf sitting accusingly alongside my coffee machine as I re-caffeinated throughout the day. Now that we were all WFH, it was much easier to recommit and stay on track. The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Inner Beauty Boost quickly became a delicious desk-side ritual, which I would serve chilled and mixed with sparkling water for a refreshing sip that’s also said to support collagen production. Cute glassware not essential, but absolutely encouraged. – Kate Lancaster, contributing Beauty Editor

Gucci Bloom profumo di fiori rollerball, $47, shop now

“In 2020, the majority of us traded our favourite luxe fragrances for cozy candles and chic essential oil diffusers. But while we were lighting our one-hundredth candle, Gucci was unveiling the newest fragrance in the Gucci Bloom collection: Profumo Di Fiori. If you’re new to the line, it’s meant to evoke the floral scents of the Italian countryside. Its latest launch, housed inside a honey-yellow bottle, contains notes of tuberose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. The scent is fresh, floral, and earthy, a necessary reminder of what beauty waits for us outdoors as we fight to end the coronavirus pandemic. Perfect for the world-traveler who’s unimpressed with her daily journey to the living room and back, the Gucci Bloom fragrance is the next-best escape. Slip the Di Fiori Eau de Parfum Rollerball into her stocking so she can wear it now and when she eventually books her much-need flight to the Italian Riviera…eventually.” – Marisa Petrarca, US style and beauty editor 

Minenssey hydrating SOS mist, $40, shop now

“As I write this very note you, this little bottle – periwinkle in shade – is sitting next to my laptop. It’s already been to a breakfast meeting with me this morning in Bondi and was the single reason my skin looked so dewy and great over Christmas champagnes last night. A fresh burst of hydration when you need it most, I apply this mist to freshly cleansed skin morning and night (post Minenssey’s Cleansing Souffle and Hydrating Quenching Aqua Cream) and over my makeup throughout the day. I really cannot recommend it more as a pick-me up – and the calming blends of botanicals really soothe not only irritated, world-weary skin, but souls as well. NYC-based writer Cleo Wade has written about self care being as simple as drinking a glass of water and taking three deep breaths. Well, I do exactly this and my tip would be to add in this mist as well.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director

Bondi skin co. Mens essential anti-aging serum kit, $49-$120, shop now

“A good friend of mine introduced me to this new brand for men a month or two ago. So yes, in between all of the wonderful gift ideas we have listed for you, here’s one for the main man in your life; your father, brother, lover or friend. While I don’t like to stereotype the opposite gender, I will say most men aren’t as meticulous about their skincare routines as women – but, like us, almost all of them want to stay looking good for as long as possible. Enter new male skincare line Bondi Skin Co; the co-creation of three 20 and 30-something year-old Australian guys by the names of Chris, Dougie and Nick. For them, looking after your skin and preventing it from ageing shouldn’t be complicated and these three serums – aptly titled 1, 2 and 3 – work powerfully to uphold a youthful, clearer and more vibrant looking appearance. While the Vitamin A and C serums work to plump the skin and reduce redness/dark circles respectively, the hyaluronic acid helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Easy to use, effective and efficient, each pump provides a decent dollop of product suitable for singular use. The formulas are easily absorbed into the skin and while potent, they aren’t super pungent (which I think is a good thing for a male!). Made from 100% natural ingredients which are all are sustainably sourced, you can buy these little guys separately for $49.95 each or together as a pack. They look good, travel well and trust me, there will be a moment when the sun catches his new radiant face at an event this summer and you’ll think, ‘Thank god, Jessica told me to gift him this’.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director 

L’Occitane Almond Christmas ornament, $25, shop now

“It’s all about the little things this year, which coincidentally seems to be the philosophy behind this super-cute festive set. L’Occitane are the undisputed champions when it comes to luxe shower accoutrements, and their Almond Christmas Ornament provides all their heavenly almond-scented best sellers in an eye-catching bauble that doubles as extra adornment for your tree. It offers charming mini versions of the brand’s Almond Shower Oil, Almond Milk Concentrate and Almond Hand Cream for a complete home-spa experience, or to take with you on domestic explorations in the new year. After stealing mine from in-flight amenities or hotel toiletry packs to stow in my travel beauty bag for years (shhhhhh!), I’ll be gifting – and hopefully getting gifted – this sweet little stocking filler.” – Kate Lancaster, contributing beauty editor

Necessaire the hand cream, $20, shop now

“Take it from a hand cream hoarder: This fragrance-free, ‘gram-friendly formula is worth the hype, and it’s the perfect stocking stuffer to end a year defined by hand sanitiser and Lysol. I admit that I wasn’t sold when it first started popping up on every lifestyle influencer’s Instagram feed. I assumed it was just another product with really good packaging perfect for a flat lay for the feed. But then, I tried The Hand Cream, and it became a bedside essential. It may be social media famous for its minimalist chicness, but it’s also industry famous for the way it gets the job done. Its do-it-all peptide and vitamin-infused formula, hydrates, protects and moisturises. The best part? A bottle is cheaper than your last Seamless order.” – Marisa Petrarca, US style and beauty editor 

Ole Henriksen Glow2OG dark spot toner, $24, shop now

“I’m someone who like to feel like my skincare is actually doing something. This Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner from Ole Henriksen is really potent and one that you can feel is really getting to work on your skin post-cleanser. It’s powerful blend of glycolic and lactic acids (AHAs) targets dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles and really brightens my skin. After applying with a cotton pad morning and night, my skin gets that tingly, tightened feeling – and I love it! There’s a real zesty scent to it as well which makes you feel wakes you up and makes you feel ready for the day. If you’re looking for a toner, it’s this powerhouse one for me.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director 

Chanel coco mademoiselle fresh bath soap, $34, shop now

“It’s not easy to snap up Chanel for less that $50, but this impossibly chic cake soap is a designer dream for less. There’s also just something special about a high fashion take on an everyday beauty item. Why have Pears when you can have this superlative iteration? The scent in particular is the fresh, feminine redolence of Coco Mademoiselle: Vibrant orange, sweet rose and powdery patchouli. Gift it to your label-loving friend.” – Emily Algar, contributing beauty editor

Aesop rind concentrate body balm, $37, shop now

“Aesop is a chic gifting option no matter the occasion, and the spritely orange hue of this body balm tube feels extra festive, don’t you think? It’s a thick cream that works wonders on limbs that have had too much sun and salt, plus it smells like a stack of freshly-squeezed oranges (grapefruit, orange and lemon, to be specific). Most beauty buffs would be thrilled to open this come Christmas day. I know I would!” – Emily Algar, contributing beauty editor