bella hadid
Credit: Instagram / @bellahadid

Celebrities have whole teams behind them for not only red carpet events and press tours, but coffee runs, Zoom calls and casual dinners with friends. These ‘glam squads’, as they’ve been dubbed, are responsible for everything from the hairstyle said celebrity is sporting on any given day, to the fashion-forward outfit that’s later reported on and lusted after. But, despite access to the best stylists, make up artists and hair stylists the world has to offer, some celebs still opt to shop for themselves. 

One such woman is Bella Hadid, who’s been spotted numerous times trawling vintage stores in New York City and who’s been vocal about her love for second-hand pieces. But, though we know she loves a good thrift shop, Hadid just revealed on Instagram that she also buys her clothes digitally, from Gen Z’s favourite shopping app, Depop

Posting a series of photos of herself wearing an all-black look that included a Michael Kors bag, Coperni jeans, Versace boots and a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier puffer, Hadid wrote that she’d styled herself, with make-up by Sam Visser and hair by Jennifer Yepez. She then posted a story revealing that she found the vintage designer jacket via Depop, writing, “One of my best Depop finds is this jacket and it will forever keep me warm.”

Credit: Instagram / @bellahadid
Credit: Instagram / @bellahadid

Though you’d be forgiven for not having heard of Depop Down Under, the app has been around since 2011, and has been used by millions in the UK and Europe for reselling secondhand clothes for years. Aesthetically, Depop is set out much like an Instagram grid with buyers able to set up profiles – or shops – and sellers able to DM to buy and negotiate prices.

Popping into someone’s Depop DMs to buy a puffer jacket? All in a day’s work for Bella Hadid.