If there’s one person you can count on to spot a trend before it’s happened, it’s Bella Hadid. In recent years, the model has fast become one of the fashion industry’s most stylish women, expertly fusing designer digs with vintage Depop buys and always wearing up and coming labels before anyone else—case in point: the outfit she’s wearing in the above Instagram post by new British brand Charlotte Knowles.

While in Paris for fashion week, Hadid has been spotted in numerous noteworthy outfits, such as when she matched her snakeskin pants to her briefcase at the Dior show and yesterday, wearing a pink mini Jacquemus crop top with low slung cargo pants

But her most recent look is perhaps the most daring. Fusing one major current trend: cutout dresses and tops with one trend most people would like to ignore: low-rise pants, Hadid is single-handedly trying to push for a new take. That of pelvic cutouts. 

On Monday evening in the French capital, Hadid was photographed wearing black flared pants with hip cutouts showing off two slits of skin on both her left and right hip, as well as with intricate panels meeting up with O-shaped hardware (and another circle cutout) right under her belly button. She paired the pants with a black lace-trimmed camisole, black boots and a Fendi baguette bag.

A few weeks ago, Hadid wore a similar pant design by London-based brand Susamusa. Originally started as a Depop account reselling vintage pieces, Susamusa now makes original collections, such as the O trousers endorsed by Hadid below.

Though Hadid is one of the first major names to endorse the controversial pants, denim brands have been pushing both cutouts and chaps (Irina Shayk says yes to the latter) for months now and, naturally, Gen Z has been lapping the trend up on Instagram and Tik Tok.