Met Gala Monday looked different this year. The event itself was cancelled due to the threat of COVID-19, leaving the fashion world to mourn the temporary loss of what is the red carpet to end all red carpets. But the social landscape has still been abuzz with Met-chat, posting throw back after throw back; fashioning replica outfits out of household garb and dreaming about what could of been.

One such dreamer is makeup artist Sam Visser – a young creative the industry is pinning as a the next Kenvyn Aucoin. Visser posted a series of portraits of model and Met regular Bella Hadid titled “WHAT WOULD’VE BEEN… MET 2020”. Was this the test run for Hadid’s look pre-cancellation? We’re made to believe so, and along with the rest of Instagram, it’s safe to say we feel robbed.

In a dirty blonde wig (part Uma Thurman, part 13-year old with a bottle of Sun In), the model had a lilac eye, a smattering of freckles and a milk chocolate brown lip. The aforementioned wig was frizzy and crimped with a set of choppy bangs – the polar opposite of her previous Met black pixie crop – but still perfect on a face as symmetrical as hers. While there’s no concrete confirmation this is exactly how Hadid would’ve looked, we can only dream.


Also posted by Visser was this look on Hadid: the same wig but dried poker straight and a creamy nude lip. She looks like captain of the cheerleading team – a teenage honey blonde dream but with a ’70s twist. A muse not just for Visser but the rest of us.

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