“What? You made these words up!” Bella Hadid backstage at Misha Collection’s Resort 17 show

When Bella Hadid touched down in Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia on Sunday, it was first time the 19-year-old American model had set her sneakered foot on Aussie soil.

Americans at the best of times have trouble understanding Australian idiom, our vernacular is not only often quickly-spoken, it can – depending which part of the country you were raised – include some colourful slang. And while phrases like, “hard yakka” and “just chuck a U-ey” aren’t expressions we always use, it’s always fun to test our foreign friends while simultaneously asking them to try a Tim Tam.

Hadid, who walked in Misha Collection’s Resort 17 show yesterday, was visibly shocked when we tested her knowledge on not only what some Australian slang terms meant but on their pronunciation. “You made these words up, these are not real words!” Hadid laughed, her hand on her chin as if gesturing how confused she really was. “I don’t even know, how do you even say that?”

The funniest by far was her reaction to our term “get on the blower.” “That sounds dirty!” replied the model.

Yes, in an amongst chatting to Hadid about the lessons supermodel wunderkind Naomi Campbell taught her, her three hour snuggle sessions with her boyfriend The Weeknd and what she, Kendall, Gigi and Hailey get up to in Parisian hotel rooms, we had a good ole’ yarn with this sheila named Bella.

Did you get that one, Bella? OK, well let’s try these…

Credit: Michael Wolf Video 

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