It’s celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips’ birthday today and Bella Hadid is celebrating her “#1 solution to beautiful skin and lips” with a little lip lining love.

Posting a throwback beauty video from Jen Atkin’s Insta archives, Bella – hair pulled back, cheeks contoured – poses for the camera as Phillips traces an epic nude line around her lips. “You look so major right now” says Atkin in the background. It’s true. She does. As does that lip, serving the ultimate ’90s beauty mood and one we’re keen to recreate at home.

“Happy birthday to the #1solution to beautiful skin and lips and all things makeup. I love you so much @maryphillips !!! The talent and (obvious) focus that goes into this beat is epic props to you @jenatkinhair for pulling these out. Your vlogging dreams are really coming together i love you both !!!”

That hollowed-out pout, that brownish nude line; it all feels very Winona, Drew and Alicia – but modern. A softer version of its 90s counterpart – which was deep, dark and a little scary – Phillips has toned down the bad taste and kept it contemporary. Exaggerating Bella’s “natural” shape with what appears to be Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Supersize Me (how apt), Phillips taps the big lip obsession with a careful over-line and steady hand, really working it around the Cupid’s bow.


And while Bella’s thirst for the ’90s seems unquenchable, we, too, are thirsty for this look. Cue Empire Records and over-line away.

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