Strong, bold and supremely beautiful: the GRAZIA girl closed the runway component of VAMFF with both style and sparkle. Inspired by the ‘It-Girl’ and that intangible air of je ne sais quoi she possess, beauty was playful, perky and irreverent.

Talking tresses, Priceline Hair Director Kenneth Stoddart, reimagined the top-knot, with a modern take on the humble hairstyle. “The hair for GRAZIA is a little bit playful; it’s young, it’s fresh, it’s a modern uptake on the top-knot,” explained Stoddart backstage. “What we’ve done is we’ve split them in two and made them a little bit asymmetrical and pulled out a few wisps around the front.” Effortlessness was key, a trend in hair which continues to permeate runways from Melbourne to Milan, “like the girl has just put it up herself.”

Some girls sported the double bun, others rocked the more traditional, single variety. “Singles and doubles, whatever suits the girls. What I don’t like is when it looks a little bit like Minnie Mouse and they’re too perfect on the sides. They have to be a little bit off with all the bits at the front. That’s what makes it look better.” With buns slightly askew and the tendrils a little uneven and wayward, it was all about striking a balance between the unkempt and the cool. “we’re deliberately putting in that imperfection, making it look more real and not perfect looking. Leaving bits out so they’re not bands and not tight knots.”

In terms of face, the GRAZIA girl was seeing the world (or runway) through a rose-tinted lens. Priceline Makeup Director, Sarah Laidlaw, washed pink across lid, lip and cheek, playing on the tonal trend with youthful glee. “We’re doing a pretty flushed pink cheek, a pinkish lip, a slight pink on the eyeshadow, noted Laidlaw backstage. “It’s been everywhere, on so many runways in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Pink on the eyes, pink on the cheek, pink on the lip happening in different ways and different places. In some places they really pop it and do a really bright hot pink, other times its really washy, other times there’s no lashes just pink cupping the eyes. It makes everyone look really pretty.”

This notion of ‘prettiness’ was disrupted slightly with a directional lash; piece-y, spidery and clumpy. “It’s all about keeping the lashes clumpy, getting it on there and letting the eyelashes clump,” added Laidlaw. “And with the false lashes, cutting them up and making them piece-y, then layering them in so it’s a little haphazard and a bit doll-like; not super long but textured, both top and bottom. A little bit choppy and wild but still very pretty.” To complete the look; a fluffy brushed-up brow and glossy healthy-looking skin – i.e. model beauty 101.

Flushed in just the right spots, knotted to perfection; GRAZIA’s VAMFF girl was it-and-a-bit.