Audrey Hepburn Blush Wedding dress
(Original Caption) Film star Audrey Hepburn poses with her new husband, Italian psychiatrist Dr. Andrea Dotti, after their wedding, January 18th.

The pandemic has changed a lot about our daily lives, including how women approach their all-important wedding day. We’ve been forced to swap big white weddings for intimate ceremonies and scale-down affairs. In turn, our fairytale gowns have been completely reimagined for laidback silky numbers and mini lace frocks. And according to Australian bridal wear designer, Cathleen Jia, the blush wedding dress has returned to transform the standard white dress.

“For a long time, we’ve been programmed to think a bride must be in white,” Jia says following the release of her latest styles.  “But historically, this has not always been the case, the popularity of stark white dresses really took off in the 80’s. I do think this is changing, it will take a little longer for blush to compete with a white gown. But modern brides nowadays are sure of who they are, and if they want to wear blush, they will do it.”

Cathleen Jia / Credit: Supplied

In 1969 on January 18, actress Audrey Hepburn tied the knot with Italian psychiatrist Dr. Andrea Dotti. Not one for the conventional, Hepburn famously wore a blush, long-sleeve shift dress by Givenchy. You will also recall that more recently Mandy Moore wed Taylor Goldsmith in a custom Rodarte gown crafted from pink tulle in 2018.

Jia has ushered in a number of blush styles thus widening the offering of such hue. For women of minimalism – Jia’s translation: “timeless, yet modern” – she assures that “drama doesn’t need to be loud” as revealed by Hepburn and Moore

Jia is a seasoned veteran in preparing endless women for the aisle, thus the designer has a number of tips on choosing the perfect dress as the bride-to-be.

Tip 1:

Don’t overwhelm yourself with what you see on Instagram or Pinterest. They are certainly helpful virtual tools, but be sure to stay true to who you are as a bride. Every couple has a different budget, and in the end, it isn’t really about how big your floral installation was, but the love on your special day.

Tip 2:

Find a few designers you really love, deep dive into their aesthetic and brand ethos and make the appointment to visit those few only. You can try on thousands of dresses if you really want to, but it will only overwhelm you.

Tip 3:

Bring those who really know you and will support your choices to the appointment, keep the negative ones away. It is already an overwhelming process you don’t need more noise!