Titian, Venere di Urbino 1538, 119.2 cm x 165.5 cm
Credit: Uffizi Gallery, Florence/Google Art Project

If the prospect of being drawn like ‘one of your French girls’ has always held a certain allure, but you’ve never quite mustered the chutzpah needed to de-robe in front of a life drawing class comprised of total strangers, then the following may be of interest.

The Art Series Hotel Group have this week launched a campaign encouraging guests to embrace both their creativity and their unadorned form by posing for a bespoke life drawing to be completed by an artist, all from the comfort and privacy of your hotel suite – the clincher being that you never have to meet the artist themselves.

Art buffs who book a ‘No Robe’ package will have the option of having a camera unit delivered to their room, after which time they’ll have a set period in which to take a timed self-portrait that will then be sent to an artist via an encrypted link. Artists will then create a signed line drawing of their subject remotely from their studio, before the photo is deleted permanently.

“Lets face it, as long as people have been around, so has nudity,” Will Deague, CEO of Art Series Hotels, said in a statement announcing the news. “At Art Series we don’t buy into the ‘Nude is Rude’ camp of thinking. We want to encourage our guests to dare to be different and bold – to celebrate their individuality and feel liberated in their own skin. Its about stripping away hang-ups and be free – nude or not!”

The ‘No Robe’ initiative runs from May 1 until June 15, at all seven Art Series Hotel locations in Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide and Brisbane. Guests who’d prefer not to pose for a life drawing have the option of getting in on the action by sharing a #norobe photo (in keeping with Instagram’s terms of use, naturally) for the chance to win a night on the hotel.

You can find out more information here.

Tile image: Courtesy of Google Art Project
Cover image: Courtesy of one of your French girls