There’s too many skin experts to name that tout the benefits of hyaluronic acid, but hear me when I say it’s a five star ingredient. Essentially, it’s a molecule that occurs naturally in the body, and can hold 1000 times its weight in water. It’s this property that makes it an excellent hydrator, thus keeping skin plump, bouncy and free from dehydration lines. The reason it occurs so commonly in our skincare is not just because of the above, but because our natural stores deplete during the day and as we age.

Hyaluronic serums are a dime a dozen, but some definitely out-hydrate others. As someone who uses the ingredient daily (my skin is perpetually dehydrated), I’ve tried my fair share of options, but this newly-discovered French pick is up there with the best. The brand in question is Apot.Care – a French skincare label founded by Antoine Le Galloudec. Apot.Care focuses on ingredients that are clean, high quality and only contain what the skin truly needs. Actives are highly concentrated and there’s no cheap fillers involved. The brand has a library of serums you can choose from (like vitamin c, retinoids and ceramides), but the object of my affections is the Hyaluronic Pure Serum.

Image credit: Emily Algar

Formulated with three different molecular weights (large, medium and small), the hyaluronic not only hydrates superficially, but penetrates into the deeper layers (thanks to the small molecules). I find it’s best on damp skin right after cleaning, massaged in from forehead to neck. The consistency is fluid, almost gel-like, so I leave it for about 30 seconds to sink in, before following with the rest of my skincare. Instantly, my face feels bouncy, hydrated and smooth, but over time I’ve noticed less tiny lines around my mouth and nose, as well as a softer texture. It also contains small amounts of niacinamide as well as glycolic, lactic and malic acids for a super gentle but noticeable brightening effect.

While I use mine every morning, it’s also ace for travel, those who work in air conditioning and in the cooler months – essentially any dehydrating environment. While I have been using it in the mornings only, it certainly works for day and night, given dehydration typically occurs around the clock. Apot.Care is available from Mecca stores and online. Shop the serum below.

Apot.Care Hyaluronic Repair Serum, $120 via Mecca Cosmetica. SHOP NOW