Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

As Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck packed on the PDA in Saint-Tropez for the singer’s 52nd birthday, ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez was also travelling through the French city. On Instagram, the former MLB star extended his birthday wishes for Lopez in the most subtle way, it could have easily been missed!

Lopez’s younger sister Lynda Lopez honoured the moment by posting a throwback selfie with her older sister. “Now it’s my turn to celebrate you! My original BFF, I love you more than words can say,” Lopez wrote on social media. “Not only are you the most fun, and my ride or die, you light the world and show me what’s possible and are my inspiration always. Sometimes I can’t believe I was so lucky that God put the beautiful soul that is you into my life. Wishing you your best birthday yet!”

It seems Rodriguez agrees with the sentiment, after it was spotted that he liked the post. I know, it’s a small gesture. But it speaks volumes on how the man perceives his ex partner. There seems to be no bad blood here.

Meanwhile, Lopez enjoyed a lavish birthday party. It began on a luxury yacht before night fell and the party moved to the popular celebrity spot, L’Opera.

Following the release of the artist’s new single “Cambia el Paso” last month, Lopez spoke on her rekindled relationship with Affleck for the first time. Talking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she admitted she was finally happy again.

“I’m super happy. I know people are always wondering. ‘How are you? What’s going on? Are you okay?’ This is it. I’ve never been better,” Lopez said.

She continued, “I want my people who care about me, because I care about them so much, to know that I’ve really gotten to a place in my life where I’m great on my own,” she continued. “And I think once you get to that place, then amazing things happen to you that you never imagine in your life happening again. And so that is where I’m at.”