Since her break up from Anwar Hadid, Dua Lipa has continued on her regular scheduled programming of making music in London, partying with her friends for the festive season, and, most notably of late, wearing ridiculously cute outfits, and posting photo dumps that show off the aforementioned ridiculously cute outfits. 

But as any trained eye in heartbreak would know, there’s been a slight change in Lipa’s content of late. Not only is she looking better than ever, but she’s looking happier: there’s trips to the countryside! Trips to Europe! More laughing pics than ever and even more bikini ones. This, of course, does not mean to say she is happier (pls get back together, you guys), rather that she means to show exactly how much fun she’s having, exactly how good she looks (very) and exactly what her ex is missing out on. Because as someone wise once said, “If you’re getting under him, you ain’t getting over him.”

In Lipa’s two most recent photos, the 26-year-old is the definition of post break-up glow, so much so that her face is literally glowing. Posing on a boat on her trip to St. Barts for New Year’s, Lipa wore a crop top with a chainmail skirt by Paco Rabanne and a bublegum pink bag by Jacquemus. But it wasn’t the yet to be released bag sitting pretty in her lap that caught my attention, nor her skirt (though I wouldn’t say no), it was Lipa’s beauty look.

Matching her sparkly silver ‘fit, Lipa wore silver eyeshadow on her eyes paired with a slicked back ponytail, which she then plaited into three mini braids. In case you missed it, she swings her head around for a full view of the style, which she also wore in photos posted of her in a silver cut out dress three days ago. 

Lipa’s lips are coloured blush and her skin is perfectly highlighted and dewy. There are one million too many celebrity beauty brands on the market these days, but Dua I would not say no to a highlighter tutorial. 

But wait, that’s not all! Today, Lipa posted yet another fire ‘gram, this time wearing a black cut-out dress. Again, her face was glowing and dewy, but this time she added blush to her sun-kissed skin. Someone get both Lipa’s stylist and her makeup artist a medal.