Following the surprise engagement of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, the world has waited with bated breath for the reaction of ex and long-time Bieber lover, Selena Gomez. And what a spectacular debut the former Bieber lover has made. Stepping out in New York for the first time since the shock engagement, Gomez’s first public appearance was spectacular for the very reason it was everything but; it was simple, understated and wholly irreverent. Wearing grey sweats, a black tee (which read “only the strong survive”) and oversized sunnies, the ultra casual look was paired with something money can’t buy – a big grin – the biggest I-don’t-care of them all.

But there was one remarkable difference about Gomez’s look – a new ‘do.

For the past year or so, Gomez’s blunt chop has made even those with the most Rapunzel-like inclinations toy over the idea of cutting their hair. ‘To Selena or To not Selena’ has been the question plaguing all probable choppers, with her bob proving the ultimate hair inspo for many. But we all know the best revenge on an ex-lover is a new look, and Gomez has proved this spectacularly – by way of her hair.

Taking her hair to new lengths, Gomez stepped out with long, lush, raven-like locks. With thanks to some masterful hair extensions, the new elongated length not only proves remarkably different to her blunt bob – which had become somewhat of a signature beauty note lately – but makes for the perfect insouciant hair flicking (Bieber, who?). Accompanied by that self-assured smile and glowing skin (plus subtle self-affirmation on said black tee) – what better way to handle a case of the ex. Poise, confidence and a new ‘do: textbook vengeance 101.

For Gomez, she looks as unperturbed as they come, shiny locks and all. *Insert hair flick here