While working from home is conducive to a narrative of sleepwear and inevitable sloth-dom, you can still wear your pyjama best and dress for the job you have (or want).

From silky suits that mean business (even while in bed) to perkier, punchier ensembles for those excitable employees, corporate dressing takes on new life while #WFH, and can remain professional and elegant enough for those dreaded, meme-worthy video meetings.

Here, a look at the 9 to 5 style stereotypes – but with a suitably sleepy makeover.

You know what they say about sleeping with your boss to get ahead? Well, you are the boss, and the only person you’re sleeping with is Jacques. The elevated sleepwear brand (who has jumped into bed with the likes of Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson and Jet Atkin) proves power tailoring can be comfortable and lounge-worthy, too. Because who says you can’t be a boss from the bedroom?

the ceo in navy, sleeping with Jacques, $289. shop now

The GM (General megastar)
Feet up, oat latte hot, intern at the ready (on FaceTime). While calling the shots on Zoom conference calls, you glide around the house in these lush velvet loafers from Melbourne-based brand Monte; part hotel slipper, part loafer and all kinds of plush – you can even have them monogrammed with your initials for that extra stamp of ego (which is also super cute, too).

slippers in powder blue, Monte store, $145. shop now

The mediator
The middle (wo)man, the moderator, the all-round go-to gal, your style is simple yet stylish (and sustainable) – and most importantly very approachable.

Paris printed silk-satin pajama shirt, ASCENO+ NET SUSTAIN, $418.44. shop now

the intern
You haven’t quite kicked the flirty and fun just yet, but you have toned it down a touch and made it millennial corporate: slinky suiting with a hint of glamour. Hey, you still need to go to afterwork drinks (on the couch), you know.

Crinkled silk-chiffon camisole, $213.74, and Sapir cropped crinkled silk-chiffon wide-leg pajama pants, $434.50, skin at net-a-porter. shop now

the junior burger
Fresh to the business and full of life, you’re as keen as mustard (or in this case atomic orange) and desperately need to make an impression. What better way than in searing colour (while still maintaining your professionalism in a suit).

Coco silk-satin pajama set, OLIVIA VON HALLE at net-a-porter, $663.29. shop now

The creative
Not one for insufferable corporate style, you rely on kitschy quirks and painterly details to keep your creative juices flowing, like these velvety loafers with mismatching floral embellishments by The Row, sure to keep you one stylish step ahead of the rest.

Minimal embellished suede loafers, THE ROW at net-a-porter, $1,185.10. shop now

the CF-NO
Pay rise? No. 3 month holiday to Mykonos? No. Photo shoot in the Bahamas with endangered wildlife? No. The big boss when it comes to company wide financial decisions, one thing you do say yes to is a minimalist yet infallible uniform of monochrome separates that scream strength.

Ambroise Atrium printed silk-satin pajama top, eres at net-a-porter, $411. shop now

The Long Servicer 
A dab hand, your office style is classic and timeless in its intentions, just like you.

Oversized wool and cashmere-blend cardigan, ATM ANTHONY THOMAS MELILLO at net-a-porter, $648.24. shop now