Call it late to the party, but I have only just really truly, madly, deeply fallen in love with liquid highlighters. Forever a powder girl because of the ease of its application (read: I’m lazy), I’ve always sidelined its liquid compatriot for fear of hard work. But, during the summer break when the days were long and time was seemingly at a standstill, I dabbled in the ol’ liquid highlighter, and I can safely say I’m a changed woman.

Application all comes down to personal preference, but usually a gentle tap with your finger will suffice. But for a truly seamless blend sans the incidental fingerprint, try a sponge and bounce the product into the skin. Remember the golden rule of highlighting placement is a ‘C’ shape around the eye, and then under the brow bone, atop the Cupid’s bow and down the nose (sparingly!).

Here, three liquid highlighters worth their weight in (liquid) gold. Now all we need is Prabal Gurung’s neon pink twin-set and our summer equation is complete.

All I can say is I don’t know how I lived without this for so long. Like liquid silk, this fluid formula slides onto skin leaving you with the perfect glow in all the right places. I like to dab mine just on the high points (and a little on the tip of my nose – I repeat: little), but you can also mix it in with your favourite moisturiser, primer and foundation for an all-over radiance which is totally acceptable in summer. They don’t call it a cult product for nothing.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter, $62. shop now 

Nude By Nature
Nude by Nature’s new Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter is like Bondi bottled. Seriously souped-up shimmer, a little bit of this goes a long way, so be wary ‘ol heavy-hands (read: me), be sparing with your dollop. Lightweight and beautifully blendable, this highly-pigmented highlighter is also charged with a host of skin-loving, antioxidant-rich Australian natives like Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Lilly Pilly, so you’re left not only glowing but also hydrated. Highlighting heaven.

Nude by Nature’s new Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter, $22. shop now

Mecca Maxima
A great option that won’t break the bank, Mecca Maxima’s liquid Gold (and Topaz and Opal and Quartz) is as its name would suggest, light – liquified. Infused with metallic pigments, you don’t even need to catch the light to glow with this. The only thing you’ll be catching is your own reflection and thinking, yes!

mecca maxima liquid light, $25. shop now

Tile and Cover Image: Instagram, @elsahosk