Image credit: Instagram/lizzobeating

If celebrity-land was a solar system, Lizzo would surely shine the brightest. The singer/dancer/all-round legend is no stranger when it comes to an other-wordly beauty look, but her latest work has really taken things into another stratosphere.

The Good As Hell singer covered her entire body with golden stars, painted her eyes a bright arc of ocean blue and finished it off with a midnight flick liner. Her skin was, as always, positively radiant while her lips were lacquered with a rich, pinky gloss. To finish, Lizzo’s hair was colored a vivid shade of green (or was it a wig?), piled high atop her head with one long piece to frame her face. Her baby hairs were gelled artfully across her forehead, creating one of the most incredible looks we’ve seen on her well… ever.

Lizzo posted the look to her Instagram along with the caption, “When they say ‘ima star’ this is what they mean..” It had been a while since she served a proper, dramatic look, so this moment comes as a very welcome visual treat. And we can confirm Lizzo is 100 per cent a star of heavenly proportions.