Kylie Jenner Handbag
Image credit: Kylie Jenner

What does the world’s youngest self-made billionaire carry in her handbag is a question I often ask myself. Thankfully, the rest of the world feels much the same, prompting Kylie Jenner to take us through the entire contents of her purse on YouTube (praise be).

The beauty mogul – who made her millions (sorry, billions) selling lip kits – has filmed the video in her closet. But a Jenner’s closet is a cut above. Kylie’s closet specifically features a floor-to-ceiling shelving system stacked neatly with countless designer bags and shoes.There’s Bottega and Chanel and Hermes as far as the eye can see, but it’s her bag of the day – a super rare, all-black Birkin – that’s the leading lady in this short film.

There’s some normal stuff in there like apple sauce for Stormi, a wallet, masks, a phone charger and chewing gum. But it’s her beauty stash that well and truly has me floored.I thought as a beauty editor I carried an excessive amount of stuff, but as it turns out, I was wrong.

Inside Kylie’s rare black Birkin, she has the following products:

Kylie-Branded Hand Sanitizer

KKW Fragrance in Nude Lips

Kylie Cosmetics Translucent Blotting Paper

Soon-to-launch Kylie-Branded Scrunchies

Kylie Skin Broad Spectrum Sunscreen“I apply it when I’m in the car and on my hands when I’m driving.” Good girl.

Kylie Skin Makeup Removing Wipes

Kylie-Branded Uno (as in the card game)

Kylie Skin Lip Balm (in two flavors)

Lipstick – about one million different colors/variations/textures… she is the lip kit queen, after all.

Watch the entire video below: