Makeup mogul and Keeping Up alum Kylie Jenner, in an Instagram post from Sunday, shows off her shoe and handbag collection in a sneak preview of what I’m sure is a much bigger and more extravagant closet that most of us can relate with. Right?

The 23-year-old Kylie Cosmetics CEO shared the post with her 247 million followers, with the caption “summer lineup.” Rows of diverse shoe styles lined the picture, but interestingly the shoes were majority jewel-toned. A stylistic departure from what we’re used to with Jenner, who’s usually all about neutrals and beiges and was arguably one of the trendsetters for the supple millennial pink movement.

Alongside the shoes was a collection handbags ranging from big to small, matte to sheen and simple to intricate. With such a collection, it seems as though Jenner is ushering in a new era for herself, an era full of color and exciting new styles.

One of the star players in Kylie’s closet, which, if anyone from Kylie’s team is reading this, would be a great name for a YouTube series, is a purple Hermès Birkin. From a quick search, those Birkins can run you anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, but for the young billionaire like Jenner, that’s chump change.

But Jenner’s closet isn’t the only thing going through a drastic change as of late. Kylie Cosmetics, founded by Jenner in 2016, is undergoing a major rebrand. The brand after all these years is adopting a “clean and vegan” mission with new, “amazing,” formulas.

The new collection will be host to 30 shimmer/opaque glosses, 37 matte lip kits, 32 matte liquid lipstick shades, and new lip liners. Here comes another billion Jenner’s way.

The makeup brand will go on a brief hiatus while the website and product rolodex is updated. So make sure you visit the site before this Thursday at 9am PST for all your last minute Kylie Cosmetics needs. But don’t worry, the new collection drops on July 15, so hopefully the wait won’t be too excruciating.