Fenty Skin
Image credit: Instagram/@badgalriri

Rihanna has been sitting on her next highly anticipated album for what feels like forever. Every day, fans wait with bated breath for a release date, but the musician-slash-designer-slash-makeup-entrepreneur has decided to drop a different kind of news: the launch of Fenty Skin.

In a recent cover story with British Vogue, she notes she’s striving to achieve the same quality and success with the impending skincare launch as she has with existing Fenty Beauty. “Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide,” she explained.

Fenty Beauty has been nothing short of revolutionary in the industry, sparking movements in terms of shade offering (finally), diversity in marketing and a more accessible price point adjacent to a luxury brand. She’s also revived the idea of celebrity beauty, giving more than just her face to Fenty Beauty, instead opting to work on everything from shade names to campaign imagery.

There’s no release date (just like the album) but given the trademark was filed back in March 2019, it seems she’s been working at it for about a year. Thanks to the trademark office (praise be) we’ve also got a look at some of the potential products: Buff Ryder (an exfoliant?), Instant Reset (mask?), Fat Water (we’re confused), Flash Nap, Hydra Vizor and Total Cleans’r.

By the sound of things it will be all encompassing, inclusive and balance skincare as a luxury and the fact that it also functions as the means to an end. Rihanna herself hasn’t made any further comments about the launch, but we’ll keep updating this space as information becomes available.