If there’s one state you must be in during Winter, it’s Florida and that’s for the hottest party. With so many A-listers in one location, it only makes sense the paparazzi, too, would be out in full force, ready and waiting to catch all the best looks. Proving to be one of the most promising talents in the electronic music scene, open-format DJ and producer, 5 Day Forecast not only has hits mined up, but def has the looks and the charisma too. He’s back with his third single “Elevate.” Following the acclaimed songs “Baby I’m Good” and “To The Edge,” the Dubstep track will soon be accompanied by an abstract music video, GRAZIA was told.

“Elevate” is a deep and meaningful piece that creates an arousing effect. With its bittersweet story, the track focuses on the contradiction between letting go and holding on, elegantly portraying the struggle between opposing emotions.

5 Day Forecast arranges the single using underlined rhythmic patterns and powerful basslines. The different sound elements set off the overall tone and complement the lyrics, “I can hear whispers from far away/ I can’t hide but I’ll try/ I see the walls are caving in/ But I’m not ready to fly/ If I were to stay in here forever/ I would want the sun to come alive/ If my heart was lighter than a feather/ I would slip away into the night/ Send me ultraviolet signals through the silence/ Into the horizon/ Elevate.”

Playing around with various EDM genres, among which are Tropical House, Progressive House, Tech House, Dubstep, and Future House, 5 Day Forecast has become a master at adding layers and variations to his creations. Taking inspiration from fellow Philadelphia artist Adam Michael Goldstein, aka DJ AM, the multi-genre producer continues to deliver tracks like “Elevate” that revolutionize the scene.

Having been crowned as an “artist to watch in 2023” by We Rave You, 5 Day Forecast is on the rise to the top. In addition to holding residencies at some of the most well-known nightclubs in Tampa Bay and across Florida and the East Coast, the producer has landed multiple new deals, becoming the ambassador of the alcohol brand Tequila 512.

In 2023, the measure of how compelling a DJ is is not just determined by the number of hits, but also by the parties, the crowd, the looks. 5 Day Forecast has been serving a slew of incredible looks on the streets and on the stage! Own it baby.

Listen to “Elevate” here!