Revenge body pictures from Khloe Kardashian? We love to see it.

In an Instagram post from Tuesday, the 37-year-old Kardashian shared a photo her with ever-so perfect beach waves, a barbie-pink bikini and accessorized with what looks like thin chains around her waist as well as thick, chunky plastic pink bangles.

While this post may just seem like an innocent launch for Kardashian’s “Neon Swim” essentials. Which, as you can probably put two and two together, is a collection of neon swimsuits. It looks like neons and jewel tones are really dominating the Kardashian-Jenner girls’ summer 2021 look-books.

But it also just so happens that Kardashian posted these photos right after it was revealed that exes of Kardashian, Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson, fought over Kardashian on social media.

Underneath a different photo of Kardashian in a bikini, Lamar Odom commented calling Kardashian a “hottie,” and in response, Tristan Thompson came back with a brash and bold response, commenting “@lamarodom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results,” alongside two shrugging emojis, yes, you read that right. What Thompson is referring to here is the night that Odom was sent to a Las Vegas hospital after overdosing in a brothel, leaving him comatose and on life support.

Low blow Thompson, low blow.

After all of the drama that has come out with Kardashian and Thompson, it seems like, at this point, Thompson is trying his best to stay relevant in the Kardashian cultural moment, after Khloe publicly revealed that she could “no longer trust Tristan.” 

With that being said, Khloe reportedly remains “very loyal to Tristan,” and remains in contact to support the daughter that the two share, three-year-old True.

But as for Kardashian, she is “single and seems okay with it,” an insider close to the situation said. Despite her own feelings of distrust, Khloe has her own thoughts on public perception Thompson.

‘She doesn’t like when people criticize him,’ the same source said. ‘He will always be special to her. It’s very possible that they will get back together eventually.’