Horoscopes July 19: Venus in Virgo + Leo Season + A Full Moon. This Is What It All Means

Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to do something that makes you feel good, sexy and admired – because the mood will be very different come Thursday when Venus changes signs, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes July 12: The Skies Are Offering Extra Support For You To Tell Someone How You Feel

With Mercury now in Cancer, it will be easier to talk about your feelings this week, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes July 5: Run A Salt Bath, Light The Fancy Candles – And Exhale

While things won't be as wild as last week, astrologer Emma Vidgen warns a wave of ambiguity is in the stars. But don't worry, the new moon in Cancer could offer a reprieve from it all

Horoscopes June 28 – July 4: There Will Be A Lot Of Big Emotions This Week

You made it through retrograde, but beware, there is some wild, sticky astro weather ahead this week. Astrologer Emma Vidgen helps you navigate the cosmic bumps

Horoscopes June 21 – 27: This Is The Week Where Absolutely Everything Changes

After eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, Cancer season begins - and with that, comes a huge shift and a feeling of emotional release, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 14-20: It’s Time To Take Some Annual Leave As Angst Reaches Fever Pitch

As we enter the final week of Mercury Retrograde, astrologer Emma Vidgen suggests taking some time off to see out the month's final cosmic speed bumps, leaving room to let your imagination run wild

Horoscopes June 7 – 13: A Week Of Sudden Insights & A Yearning For Freedom

As a collective, a desire to build a better world for ourselves on the ashes of 2020 will be felt deeply this week, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes May 31 – June 6: Mercury Is In Retrograde. Let’s Focus On What’s Good About It – Like Romance

According to astrologer Emma Vigden, the middle of the week could see grand romantic gestures! There’s also a really great day to make a connection with someone from your past