Horoscopes Monday June 27 – July 3: The New Moon In Cancer Cues A Check-In With Your Mental Health

Do you really need to say “yes” to everything you get invited to? Is your body craving more rest? This week is all about making self care your number one priority, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 20 – 26: It’s A Special Week Where The Planets Remind Us That Everything Is Impermanent

Whatever you're feeling, the next seven days offer a reprieve says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 13 – June 19: As Loose Ends Are Tied Up It Is Finally Time To Party

From Tuesday, a full moon in Sagittarius welcomes "big glitter bomb" energy says astrologer, Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 6 – June 12: Clarity This Week Welcomes Unexpected Possibilities

Congratulations! You’ve survived another Mercury retrograde. Now that things are moving in the right direction, astrologer Emma Vidgen invites you to do something spontaneous this week

Horoscopes May 30 – June 5: Eclipse Season And Mercury Retrograde Are Over. So What’s Next?

Breathe in, breathe out. As we come out of the haziness, a new development is on the horizon, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes May 23 – 29: Gemini Season. What It Means For You

Meanwhile, Mars should boost energy levels and breathe a new lease on life into your days. Join astrologer Emma Vidgen in navigating this week's skies

Horoscopes May 16 – 22: The Eclipse’s Energy Will Be Felt Extra Hard This Week

Expect a lot of intense emotion. Also, something that you thought was over (read: relationships, insecurities grudges), may rear its head again, says astrologer Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes: May 9 – 15: Communications, Tech and Travel Could Go A Little Haywire

Astrologer Emma Vidgen helps you navigate the latest retrograde