My Moment: Madison de Rozario On How Setting Goals Led To Her Inclusion In The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

"I think that turning up is easy, we can all choose to not give ourselves an out, force ourselves to be there. But that’s different from wanting to be there and that’s a very significant difference."

My Moment: How Kyah Simon Pulled Herself From A “Dark” Place To Compete At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

"Knowing now I got through that gives me a sense of confidence that no matter what I face in the future, I know I have the willingness and strength to get through anything on my own."

My Moment: Hayley Wilson Will Enter The History Books As One Of The First Olympic Skaters

"I hope watching skate in the games inspires more people to start; I’m so excited to see what the future holds for skateboarding and where it takes us after it all."

My Moment: Ezi Magbegor On Being Selected As An Olympian For The Very First Time

"Becoming an Olympian isn’t easy. It is something that only a handful of individuals get to experience, and I am blessed to be one of them."

My Moment: Ellie Carpenter Describes The Battle Against China To Qualify For The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

"I'm always hungry to be better, to be ready for any opportunities that may present themselves."

My Moment: Jaryd Clifford’s Visual Impairment Won’t Stop Him From Chasing Gold At The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

"We all live with adversity. Sport is my way of showing the world that my adversity has made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change it for the world."

My Moment: Sinead Diver On Finding Her Sport And Smashing Stereotypes At 44

"After racing my first marathon in 2014 I knew that this was the distance for me and realised that I could be competitive at world class level."

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

There are many moments that mould the athletes of today; they are made up of pride, disappointment, triumph, and heartache. Here, GRAZIA speaks to the Australian Olympic team on the moments, the people and the discipline required to finally step onto the starting line.