1: The Birth Of A New Code, For The Woman Of Her Time

Gabrielle Chanel’s early designs recognised a woman’s growing need to move freely, thus countering the constrictive fashions of under structures and corsetry. Learn more about the lasting influence of the renegade designer

2: “We Always Begin By Making The Dresses Of Dreams. Then We Have To Cut, Trim And Remove, Never Add”

A quote by Gabrielle Chanel in 1957, this section explores the complex work of CHANEL's artisans in achieving a simplified elegance

3: Direct From Paris, The Travelling Spectacle Arrives in Melbourne

Melbourne is the first stop in the world after the “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto” exhibition premiered in Paris in 2020. But how does a show of this magnitude travel to Australia?

Feast, bathe, rest and repeat

In the deft hands of interior design duo Arent & Pyke, the mundane rhythms of daily life are rendered inexplicably sublime

At the NGV Gala, mastering the art of playing one’s cards right

Natalie Portman, Troye Sivan and Poppy Delevingne make a case for dressing to one's credit

The Imaginarium of Sibella Court

For this renowned interior alchemist, heaven is in the details

The designer who went to a place where nobody dared to go

They call it Xanadu. And its influence is writ large in an interior that celebrates the act of domestic living

A seat at the table

Or, more accurately, a table at the table. That's how the Melbourne practice Hecker Guthrie claimed the highest design accolade in the country