The artist whose life and work is deeply embedded in the land – and dark history – of Tasmania

"The full experience of life is here... It's almost like I'm scuba diving everywhere else, but here I've got full use of my lungs"

No shade in the shadow of the cross

The artist Bindi Cole Chocka draws on the fluid facets of her faith, race and identity – and the tension lying at the intersection of all three – to create the work of a lifetime

Blood on the wattle

The artist Yhonnie Scarce breathes new life and energy into profoundly moving glassworks that, in turn, provide a space to mourn the loss of Aboriginal lives lost during the colonisation of Australia

Michael Cook’s majority report

The photographer's psychologically charged, cinematic works propose striking alternative realities - ones that draw on Australia's dark past and, in doing so, chart a course toward a better future