GRAZIA’s At Home City Guide To Brunico, Italy

In a new series, GRAZIA commissions artists from all over the world to reimagine the cities they see outside their windows. This week, guest editor and illustrator Giulia Neri takes us to Brunico in Italy

Grazia’s At Home City Guide To Naples

“Naples is restless and constantly changing; an incessant tide, where the only way to live and love the city is by letting go and being brought in by the waves.” - Vincenzo Del Vecchio

Grazia’s At Home City Guide To Messina

“Shining. Whirling. Distinctly Mediterranean. These are the sensations that evokes the vision of the Strait of Messina for the person who sees it for the first time.” - Giovanni Rizzo

Grazia’s At Home City Guide To Bruneck

“It’s the beginning of my second life. I came here on vacation for the last three years and every year I stayed longer. One day, as my vacation was almost over, I decided to stay…” - Giulia Neri

Grazia’s At Home City Guide To Catania

“My illustration style is spontaneous and gestural. The erupting volcano Etna seen from the rough sea, framed in a baroque window.” - Guiliano Cangiano

GRAZIA’s At Home City Guide To Munich

Dubbed as the "world city with heart", GRAZIA's Guest Editor and Illustrator, Deborah Schreiber, leads us on a journey to the welcoming metropolis of Munich - if only from lockdown...

GRAZIA’s At Home City Guide To Panaji

Illustrator and GRAZIA guest editor Danica Da Silva Pereira guides you through the colourful world of Goa in India - all without breaking a single travel restriction

GRAZIA’s At Home City Guide To Wuhan

To truly understand the food scene within Wuhan, is to understand the Hubei Provence culture. Painter and guest editor Xiaojie Liu reminisces on her college years within the city and invites you to participate, if only virtually