When it comes to your wallet, there’s real power in how you spend your money.

For those of you opting for a vegan base or cruelty-free lifestyle, there’s one sneaky spot that we can find a majority of the animal-derived ingredients hiding in, and that’s in your makeup products.

Not only do some brands potentially test on animals, even if the ingredients technically state they’re vegan (I know, it’s a tricky world out there.) But it’s become common to find animal ingredients in your lipstick eyeshadow or blushes, which is why it’s essential to do a little extra research. Just because a beauty product is vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t tested on animals. A product can be vegan without being cruelty-free and vice versa.

For those of you who are newly stumbling upon these terms, vegan makeup consists of makeup that hasn’t been formulated with any animal products and cruelty-free means the product itself hasn’t been tested on any animals.

It feels like nowadays, big-name brands aren’t vegan or cruelty-free and with all the carefully worded brand statements, it seems like shopping for cruelty-free beauty products is trickier than ever, which is why we’ve narrowed down a few of our favourite cruelty-free makeup brands available to shop in the region.

The common ground between these brands, you may ask? None of the brand’s tests on animals. So without further ado, go forth and enlighten yourself.

Liht Organics

Liht Organics is a sustainable makeup brand formulated with 90% USDA certified organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredients that promise to heal your skin but conceal and helps contribute to the environment. Each of their products is organic, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and sourced through ethical means. Liht Organics is currently available across Debenhams stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can also shop online at https://lihtorganics.ae/.

lottie london

Lottie London is a cruelty-free vegan and paraben-free beauty line that incorporates the latest beauty innovations at an inclusive and affordable rate. Their products consist of a full-range makeup collection from eye shadow to blush, foundation, liner and beyond. Lottie London is available to shop at Namshi, Noon and Faces.

skin proud

Skin Proud encourages its consumers to embrace their skin, texture, and pores while celebrating the imperfections and perfections that make you. Within their products, you will find blended science-led ingredients with natural extracts that treat your skin. The skincare line prides itself on being transparent in its formula, keeping it simple and effective while maintaining its vegan and cruelty-free beliefs.

kvd beauty

KVD prides itself on being 100% vegan in its ingredients, meaning no products were tested on animals. In 2018, the entire line had relaunched to better align with its beliefs and the brand’s mission. Ever since, the line has been thriving with its high-pigment and long-lasting wear.

hour glass

The luxury makeup brand is a newcomer to the list of vegan beauty brands. In 2021 the brand officially became 100% cruelty-free and vegan, proving that a luxury brand can have chic packaging and vegan-friendly formulas.