By Milli Midwood

Valentino Is *Finally* Selling Its Viral #Vaccinated Hoodies For Limited Edition Purchase

Vaccination status can now be displayed alongside ~designer~ status

valentino vaccinated hoodies

Valentino wants everyone to get vaxxed – and we’re not mad about it.

The Italian fashion house has launched a limited sale of its viral #Vaccinated hoodies after they took the internet by storm last month. Back in August, after receiving his second Covid-19 vaccine shot, Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli posted a selfie on Instagram, clad in his newly designed jumper.

In collaboration with UNICEF, the Maison has swapped out its classic Valentino logo for an oh-so-punny ‘vaccinated’ logo, and will be donating proceeds to the World Health Organization’s Covax program, which supports equitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution globally. “I can talk about ruffles and bows, but sometimes you have to use your voice to say what you really believe, and I believe it is our social responsibility to get vaccinated,” Piccioli told the New York Times. “It’s not a symbol of freedom to not be vaccinated. It’s a symbol of lack of respect for others.”

The Valentino vaccinated hoodie has also been worn by long-term friend and face of the brand, Lady Gaga. Casj.

The garment worn by both Gaga and Piccioli was actually not original to the Valentino design team, but rather LA-based designer Cloney. Back in February, the company released the exact hoodie being sold by Valentino now, and to Cloney’s surprise: Piccioli bought the first five created to gift to his inner circle (as well as himself).

Valentino hoodie currently sold online at

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