Kim Kardashian North West
Credit: Pierre Suu/GC Images

7-year-old North West caught her mother out on an alleged lie via social media. Kim Kardashian had received a press pack to celebrate Olivia Rodrigo‘s debut album, Sour. She captured the gift on Instagram stories revealing she loves the artist’s hit single, “drivers license”. West had a brutal and brilliant response.

“You never listen to it,” quipped West. Kardashian apparently shocked replied, “Yes, I do! I listen to it all the time. Stop, North.”

It should also be noted that Kardashian said she “couldn’t wait” for the album to release. But er, Kim, it’s already out. True fans (or anyone reading the news) would have known that by now.

Kardashian returned to social media with five-year-old son, Saint, to back her up on the claim.

“Saint, don’t we listen to it in the car all the time? Yes. Can you say that louder for the people to hear? Do I listen to it all the time, Saint?” Saint replied, “Yeah,” and Kim said, “Thank you.”

The press pack was sent with a handwritten message to the reality star which read, “Kim, thank you so much for supporting my music! it means the absolute world. I just adore you & I wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my 1st album SOUR. Sending you & ur fam so much love.”

Rodrigo’s angsty breakup album has seen worldwide praise since its drop last week. Speaking to Vogue on the music, Rodrigo said, “I always say you put out songs in hopes of making people feel more understood, but it also works in the reverse,” she continues. “All these people have said to me, I feel the exact same way, or this thing happened to me too. It makes me feel a lot less alone.”

“It’s been very go, go go, but in the best way possible,” Rodrigo continued. “I literally feel like I’m living my dream every day. I feel so grateful.”