Despite her highly publicised life, Kim Kardashian has kept relatively quiet when it comes to her relationship with ex-husband Kanye West.

But on Monday, the reality star was a guest on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast, where she discussed her relationship with the controversial artist and how it affects their four children North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm. As expected, she shared its challenges, but that her priority was to protect her children.

“Co-parenting is really f*cking hard,” she said through tears. “But I definitely protected him,” she explained in the interview. “In my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on in the outside world.”

Martinez made a note that must be difficult, given their level of fame, and Kardashian agreed. “I am holding on by a thread. I know that I am so close to that not happening,” she continued. “But while it is still that way, I will protect that to the end of the Earth as long as I can.”




She continued that even when her kids go to school, she knows the teachers, and what’s being discussed while they’re there. “At school, some of my best friends are the teachers, so I know what goes on at recess and lunchtime. I hear what is being talked about.”

She also discussed the fact she never wants to project negativity, or her own feelings onto her kids. Her relationship with her dad was a good one, and she wants the same for her own. “If we are riding to school, and they want to listen to their dad’s music — no matter what we are going through — I have to have that smile on my face and blast his music and sing along with my kids.”

The hyper-famous couple finalised their divorce earlier this year, with Kardashian citing “differences of opinion” as the reason why. West has been all but blacklisted from the fashion industry because of various racial and anti-Semitic comments. Kardashian hasn’t made many comments relating to the issue, but has made it clear she disagrees with the controversial views of her ex-husband.