Karolina Pawelczyk x Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Credit: Karolina Pawelczyk x Marc Jacobs Fragrance

The Marc Jacobs Fragrance universe has expanded amid the changing season, lending a transeasonal twist on the celebrated Daisy franchise. As Contributing Beaut Editor, Emily Algar, writes, “Each scent plays on the original floral offering, but with a green twist – think refreshing, innocent and just a little unexpected.”

In partnership with the masters of scent, Polish fashion illustrator Karolina Pawelczyk lends this sense of surprise and energy to her own work. The artist’s colourful and flamboyant designs are the result of broad strokes of colour, on-trend designs and unique merriment.

“When it comes to describing my illustration style I would call it ‘playful’,” Pawelczyk tells GRAZIA. “‘I love the good energy, bright colours and distorted proportions. I create a happy and colourful world of funky girls… For me It can’t be too serious.”

Across the limited-edition collection of fragrances – Daisy Spring, Daisy EAU So Fresh Spring and Daisy Love Spring – the artist took inspiration from the sweet colour palette of mint-green, gold and pale pink. The notion of spring forms the background of the two artworks as a sunny picnic; Pawelczyk’s signature characters wrapped around the floral bottles.

Karolina Pawelczyk x Marc Jacobs Fragrance
Credit: Karolina Pawelczyk x Marc Jacobs Fragrance

“Every time I start a new project, I try to surround myself with a certain atmosphere I want to achieve in my future drawings – I listen to the music, imagine the scenery from my drawings,” says Pawelczyk. “I look for the best ideas, colour-combinations and I think of how to make my ideas a little bit more fun and playful. I also often pose for myself in the mirror when I have a certain pose for my girls on my mind – I like to watch how the body would behave in some fun poses. My whole process is quite fun, as it was while drawing my latest artworks for Marc Jacobs Fragrances.”

In Poland where Pawelczyk is based, the country is celebrating the turn of spring after a long and dark winter. For the release of Marc Jacobs Spring and the change of seasons, we gained insight into the artist’s world for Spring.

GRAZIA: What are three must-haves at your desk or creative station?

“My must-haves are: sketchbooks in different sizes, tons of colourful markers and at least three glasses/mugs with: water with lemon, coffee and matcha.”

What do you love most about Spring?

“I absolutely adore the fresh smell of spring air mixed with smell of blossoming trees. I also love seeing more colours on the streets and this fresh, new energy that suddenly fills everyone and everything. And that the light becomes much warmer … I could go on and on!”

What is your favourite transeasonal wardrobe staple?

“A long trench, a pair of nice sneakers and a colourful mini-bag.”

And your favourite transeasonal beauty staple?

“Most of all a glass of water to keep my skin hydrated and happy during this transeasonal time. Besides hydrating, definitely a creamy pink or peach blush which I apply to my cheeks and lips. This is the simplest way to make my skin look fresh after winter or after a whole night of drawing.”

How do you transform your home space for the new season?

“I collect vintage vases, so I buy a lot of fresh flowers which remind me of my Grandmother’s garden in spring time – tulips, peonies and iris flowers. They look beautiful but they also smell incredible.”

What is a good “spring clean” to you?

“Above all it means not only starting with a clean space (which is super important for me too!) but also taking care of my health more – exercising, eating nourishing food and using this new energy to make some fantastic and exciting plans for the future and for the summer!”




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