Courtesy of PUMA

It’s time to bust out the athleisure, because, in an unlikely partnership, sportswear brand PUMA united with the Dubai Municipality to revamp the iconic basketball court, Al Jafiliya stadium. The purpose of the collaboration, PUMA Hoops, is to build a more prosperous sports community within the Emirate by giving its arenas extreme makeovers. The Al Jafiliya stadium is the first of many sports venues that PUMA will revamp within its special project, giving us more things to do when going out in Dubai.

As the premier stadium, it took great innovation and creativity to make it as epic as possible. With its fully refurnished court, now covered by a mural created by artist Diego Wikander, the two organisations accomplished this mission of greatness. Its beautified look has already attracted a crowd of players to its court, from hardcore athletes to people with minimal interest in sports. By doing so, the Al Jafiliya stadium is proof of concept for the promising PUMA Hoops project.

Courtesy of PUMA

Community building is at the heart of this project between PUMA and the Dubai Municipality. The organisations are working toward the shared goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle to the people of Dubai while also bringing people together for a bit of camaraderie. This goal is specifically directed toward youth groups, as PUMA hopes to encourage the younger generation to get out, play ball, and keep the culture of basketball alive in the region.

Many values are baked into the sport, like teamwork, healthy competition, and personal style. Every player has a specific way of playing the game: beelining toward the ball each round or hanging back to study the opponent. However, individuality doesn’t end with playing on the court. What players choose to wear during the games can be just as impactful as a motivational speech in the locker room. That’s why style played such a significant role in Puma’s collaboration with the Dubai Municipality. Revamping the arena and making it an enticing place to be motivates the current and future generations of players to get out there and get active.