With the 24 hours news cycle on social media, significant announcements and missteps are in constant production, and the comment section has become the unofficial court of public opinion. People are encouraged to interact with posts that metabolise any given event as commentators. And as commenters, we are effectively directing discourse and affecting attitudes on whether a hot take, relationship, photoshoot, TV show or brand activation was a flop or a hit. At times, it can look like a dumpster fire of opinions, but it’s a fun place to dissect pop culture fodder and turn it into something much more significant. Fashion has a similar function, as it’s a mode for reflecting your specific point of view on the world. We’ve dediced to blend the two modes of self expression and compile five of the most controversial moments in fashion from 2021 that made us head straight for the comment section.

Kendall Jenner’s Wedding Guest Attire

Kendall Jenner wore this black Mônot dress to her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding in Miami. The photos of it that circulated led to a debate on whether KJ’s dress was entirely appropriate for her friend’s special day. Jenner finally replied to her naysayers this week, saying she “got permission obvi” to wear the dress. Would you let someone wear this to your wedding? Asking for a friend. 

Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoe” 

Lil Nas X caused quite a stir within the fashion and religious communities with his controversial “Satan Shoe,” which was made with one drop of human blood in each pair (whose blood is in the shoes still remains unclear). The sneaker was a collaboration between Nas and MSCHF, which modified the design of Nike’s Air Max 97s. All 666 of the “Satan Shoes” sold out under 60 seconds, at $1,018 a pair, but the popular brand wasn’t pleased with the unofficial collaboration nor the connotations with the devil. The singer apologized for the shoe on YouTube, but also defended himself saying “QUOTE.” 

The Red Scarf Emoji 

“And I, left my scarf there at your sister’s house / And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.” These are the song lyrics that launched a hostile takeover of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Instagram, after allegations circulated pinning the actor as the inspiration for Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well.” Although the original song – and beef – is about a decade old, the actor’s now-deactivated comment section was still deluged with red scarf emojis. That emoji symbolised solidarity with Taylor and represented the complex feelings her fans have about the sexual politics of her past relationship. That’s a lot of power for one accessory.

Kim K’s Blackout

Last year, Kim Kardashian was incognito at the Met Gala, wearing an all-black and all-encompassing Balenciaga look. Kim went viral for the outfit as it inspired countless memes and a debate on whether or not she nailed her Met Gala appearance – or lack thereof. 

Chanel “Blocking” TikTok User


Worth the hype? Probably not but it is pretty

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

The French Fashion House came under fire toward the end of 2021 when their beauty advent calendar was shared online by TikTok user Elise Harmon. Nineteen million people watched the video and were bewildered by how underwhelming Harmon experienced opening the AED 3,000 calendar. The drama exploded to Instagram when people started to comment on Chanel’s posts, asking the brand to explain itself for the advent calendar and allegedly blocking the TikTok user. Chanel representatives released a statement to WWD addressing the matter, noting that everyone who bought it knew what the package contained.