There’s no denying that brows are big business in beauty. The last 10 years has seen them go from second rate facial feature to the most important thing ever. We tint them, pluck them, fill them, laminate them, tattoo them, sculpt them, contour them and bulk them up with countless products. The pendulum has swung from perfectly symmetrical Kardashian brows to bushy sets like those belonging to Cara Delevingne. Influencers like Jess Hunt have even turned their enviable arches into million dollar businesses. Hell, a sweep of brow gel is higher in the makeup food chain these days than mascara. But is the brow era coming to a close? 

Fashion month – which is almost always an incubator of trends – has me thinking yes. From the front row to the runway, brows were noticeably absent, or at the very least, played a supporting role in the spectacle that is a fashion show. Let me break it down the specifics and provide some visual proof below.

Bleached Brows 

Admittedly this isn’t ground breaking or ‘new’ but it’s a trend that’s moved into the mainstream. Julia Fox was an early adopter, while Kendall deleted her ebony arches for the 2022 Met Gala. Then there was Bella Hadid, who has been sporting washed out brows for a few weeks now. It was a feature at several shows, too: Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Dries Van Noten among them. If you want to try it out, see a professional to avoid any unwanted warm tones. 

Lightened Brows

For those unwilling to commit to a full bleach, take cues from Kylie Jenner and simply lighten them. The beauty entrepreneur had hers dyed a blonde hue for the Coperni show, and taken even lighter for a racy IG pic (have a look here). Whilst still there, they carried much less impact, softening her look overall. Emulate it at home with a blonde or taupe brow pencil and some light gel. Skip your tint appointment, as well. 


Much to the horror of those of us who grew up to the sweet soundtrack of Christina Aguilera’s Stripped, pencil thin brows appear to be back. More of a commitment, most celebrities and models have just concealer their natural arches and drawn a skinny line above, but if you’re feeling bold you could ask a professional to remove some of the bulk from your natural shape.

Convinced the days of big brows are over? Me too! Expect to see a lot more skinny, soft, bleached brows appear in your feed and )potentially) on your face down in the coming months.