Through Hell And High Water

GRAZIA travels to southwestern Spain where acidic bursts of colour and platform pumps navigate the parched earth and red-stained river

Into The Badlands

Journey back in time to a feudal land where flashy fringing and embroidered western boots are the ‘most wanted’ pieces in town. Stock whip essential


Just as a bud becomes a flower and an insect a butterfly, a woman is forever transforming. But who she becomes with the addition of opulent jewellery is in the eye of the beholder

The Object Of My Reflection

She sways and swerves through the blooms of time, allowing a moment to reflect. But before long the breeze of the season takes her further. And as it passes, a baroque crown glitters, golden jewellery flickers and the slow capture of spectacular modern costume blurs and dances its way into the next chapter

The Invitation

Together with ostrich-frond hats and an out-of-this-world chapeaux, Fall 2021’s couture collections request the presence of structured crinolines and Versailles-hued jackets fit for a toreador

If Love Had A Scent: Miss Dior Eau de Parfume

The rich and romantic history of Christian Dior's olfactory “millefiori”

Put A Paper Bag Over Your Head, They Said

When beauty filters falter

Treasures of the Deep

Majestic and mysterious, a trove of hidden treasures spills open. A cache of precious pieces, illustrious and beautiful appear, woven together. Both exotic and impressive, the jewellery incites an instant, deep fascination, a rebellion and an insatiable love for endless beauty

In Case You Were Wandering

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. And in a ghost town in Ras Al-Khaimah – where straight-lined silhouettes clash with parachute trousers and décolletage baring pieces – this sentiment rings true


In the dying daylight, a shipwrecked beauty – in rope-laden jackets, mesh skirts and starburst metals – reflects on the journey not taken


What we choose to wear not only has the power to express who we are and how we feel, but also show the change we want to see in the world. A fit for purpose, if you will

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Pendants that drape down her back. Diamonds that coil around her body. A jewellery drawer’s pieces can bring back memories of far-flung adventures

Jordan Dalah x Glenfiddich: When Two Worlds Collide

Australian fashion designer Jordan Dalah’s out-of-the-ordinary take on ready-to-wear made him the perfect talent to collaborate on a new whisky that’s equally extraordinary

The Great Animal Orchestra

David Bowie once said: Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. This is one man’s unassailable and compelling call to preserve Earth’s remaining wild places

Heavy Metals

The allure of resplendent, heritage regalia is ever-intoxicating, and indulging in high jewellery is to not only fall in love with something beautiful but to invest in a piece of unparalleled history

GRAZIA Releases 11th Print Edition “The Journey”. Here Is A Letter From Our Managing Director

As GRAZIA's 11th edition releases to the world, managing director Marne Schwartz muses the many colours, tones, highs, lows, geographies, cultures and travellers that shade our life journeys

Spirited Away

Captured by Mumbai-based filmmaker and documentarian Avani Rai, Dipti Sharma’s pilgrimage explores the physical, spiritual and emotional taxes associated with journeying home. After years of little cultural connection to her motherland, this is the ultimate homecoming

Floating Away

I am running. I can feel the sweat on my cheeks. The ache in my thighs. I duck the oncoming branch. I don’t duck enough and leaves rustle on my brow. It hurts a bit, but not long enough to register. I run through puddles, the muddy water staining my leggings, my white trainers now brown. My breaths are short. My chest feels tight. I am running. And I am alive

The Shape of Water

Explore the uncharted waters of Emporio Armani’s SS22 collection, with translucency and fluid forms reminiscent of the creatures in a coral reef

Colour Theory

Behold, Maria Grazia Chiuri's tropicana-themed prints set against bold, hyper-coloured backdrops. A journey of colour for pop-art enthusiasts? Oui.

Night Owls & Early Birds

A high-octane race through the backstreets of Bangkok sees flashes of monochrome wares, audacious eyewear and luxury leathers

Field of Dreams

Drift into a brief reverie with languid forms, utilitarian elegance, and obscure objects of desire fit for a forest queen