It’s always a good day when photos of a new Zimmermann collection arrive in your inbox and these snaps of the brand’s Resort 2019 range deliver the goods.

Using 1970s-era Angelica Huston as her muse, designer Nicky Zimmermann has mixed feminine elements (silk organza, plunging necklines, voluminous sleeves, lilac and pistachio hues) and masculine ones (high-waisted pants, three-piece suits) to great romantic effect.

“I was inspired by all those amazing photos of Anjelica Huston in the ’70s, mostly social photos of her out and about with Jack Nicholson,” says Zimmermann. “She just exudes an energy of a woman walking to the beat of her own drum, strong and con dent.

“I love the mix of the masculine and feminine styling – the suit, the simple shirt, and then the orchid in the hair or pinned on the lapel just so. All long and lean and lovely. The photos are handsome and feminine at the same time. What a cool cat.” The collection will drop into stores in early November.