This year, MBFWA is setting its sights on China, inviting up-and-coming designer Yuxin Zhang to show her first Resort collection. Born and raised in Beijing, Zhang travelled to New York to attend the illustrious Parsons School for Design before returning to her homeland to found her eponymous brand. Ahead of her debut, GRAZIA chatted to Yuxin to find out what she has in store for Australian fashion fans.


1. How do you feel about showing your first Resort collection at Australian fashion week?

When I found out that my show has been approved and confirmed by MBFWA, I was pleasantly surprised because it really is an honour, especially for a new label established only a year ago. Australian fashion week is a very multicultural event, and I look forward to participating in it.


2. Tell us about how you started out?

I’ve wanted to create my own label the moment I entered the fashion industry. Right after I graduated from Parsons, I launched Yuxin without hesitation. I met a lot of challenges on the way but it was ultimately a very rewarding process. I have no regrets.


3. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I’m drawn to the fantastical and the beautiful. I’m inspired by small details easily overlooked, like dreams and fragments of life, and I enjoy working with both feminine materials like silk and chiffon and experimenting with construction and silhouettes.




4. What is your favourite piece from the upcoming collection and why?

The white cocktail dress: its asymmetrical design gives it attitude, but it can be worn in a variety of occasions.


Yuxin full 1


5. Who or what inspired this collection?

The 2016 Resort Collection is based on the idea of feminine grace. Everyone has their own definition of gracefulness, but my impression is that graceful women, while not necessarily seductive, must possess an innate confidence. I aim to show my interpretation of grace and decorum through simple, efficient silhouettes. Despite the fact that I did not use any overtly oriental elements, this representation of feminine grace is very much an Eastern one. This collection not only conveys my interest in Eastern femininity but also defines my aesthetics as a designer. It takes a more introspective look at the values of female grace and female identity in a time and place where their definitions have become uncertain.


6. Why is Australia an important market for your label?

Being a New York-educated Chinese designer, I aim to fuse certain elements of New York design aesthetics with Chinese craftsmanship and creative perspective. I think the Australian market is a great place to delve into due its diverse and multicultural atmosphere.


7. What are you most excited about for your upcoming trip?

As a Chinese designer, I’m very excited to bring Chinese designs into Australia and I look forward to seeing how it will be received. It will be a very intriguing and exciting event for me, for I’ll not only represent myself but my home country.


8. What Australian designers are you looking forward to finding out more about?

I look forward to finding out more about Australian designers such as Romance Was Born and Alice McCALL, I’m attracted to their daring but wearable designs.


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