Winter hair woes? Step into the GRAZIA salon.

With the cold comes inevitable hair grievances. Dry scalps, breakage and hair loss, not to mention colour conundrums and styling fiascos; all in all, it’s a God damn scary (hairy) movie.

We quizzed Hair Queen, Tarryn Cherniayeff, co-founder of Bondi’s MOB Hair about how to keep your locks in check – or chop – this winter. From how to halt hair loss (seriously, we’re shedding everywhere) to the best style for a summer hair break-up, here’s our winter hair survival guide for your best (bed) head yet.

Credit: Instagram, @mob_hair
What is the one myth about hair in winter? 
We avoid using oily products in our hair during the Winter, but in reality, dry scalps can cause itchiness and lead to hair breakage and loss. Get flake-free hair by using a gentle shampoo but make sure to use an extra hydrating conditioner to keep your hair growing healthy! 

We’re losing hair at the moment. Is this normal for this time of year? And What should we do / change to prevent and stop this?
Winter weather temperatures can increase hair loss due to itchy / dry scalps, so washing your hair more regularly with moisturising conditioners can help keep that much needed hydration. But lay off the hot showers ladies, it can increase the dryness of your scalp which can lead to hair loss. 

And what is your number one rule to protect colour in winter?
A killer home care regime and a leave in serum with heat protection, it will hydrate hair battling the elements all the while protecting your colour from fading.

What is the best style for a winter chop? 

A-line bobs and shoulder-grazing lobs is what winter is about, adding those textured layers to breathe life into drab locks. If you want to make a statement like Hailey Baldwin or Selena, don’t be afraid to get the chop!

Three products you can’t live without when the weather cools down?
A balancing shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and a lightweight leave-in serum. My faves: Mr Smith Balancing Shampoo, Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse and my go-to serum is the Mr Smith Serum. It’s so good I put it on my body!

What colour trends are we seeing this winter? What should we ask for at the salon?

The go-to this winter is going darker while adding more natural elements to the balayage….think honeys, caramels and toffee tones. The sombre trend is taking over, toning down colour with root stretches and accenting on highlights around the face. Think Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Olivia Wilde’s latest ‘do! 

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