“Whatever relationship women have with their makeup, everyone wants that perfect, sublime complexion that foundation gives them,” Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, explains. It’s true. We are all in constant search of that perfect finish, whatever kind of perfect that may be. We don’t want to conceal and hide, rather, we want skin to look like skin. To feel like skin. To borrow a hackneyed phrase, you still want to love the skin you’re in – you just want it to be the best version of itself, and in this way, our quest for the perfect foundation seems endless.

But thanks to Dior, you will find your “one”. You might already know Dior Forever foundation. In the context of coverage, it’s an icon, forever a reference for experts and makeup artists. And now, it holds all-new rank; Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation is teh next gen of Dior’s cult classic, reworked with an unsurpassed longevity and host of skincare benefits, plus a brand new, shiny finish.

Unlike the cult matte-finish of its predecessor, Dior Forever Skin Glow is, as its name would suggest, all about that glow. Dior laboratories have honed their glow skills to bring the ultimate illuminating properties, which both reflect light and smooth imperfections. Using a combination of shiny, lightweight oils and light-reflecting hemispheric powders, Dior Forever Skin Glow leaves you with a gloriously glowy film – without the shine – for up to 24-hours – a mighty feat for a radiant-finish foundation. Using new structural agents to keep the glow in place, they also prevent the foundation to destabilise under the bright lights – i.e. heat or humidity – meaning it has its own inbuilt kind of climate control. In soft light, it presents a diffused ambience. In the sunlight, its presence is bolder, stronger, more defined. It’s versatile and knows how to work a room. Any room. And any light.

But as good as a foundation looks, it all comes down to how it feels. You wear it everyday. It’s like your favourite pair of jeans. It needs to feel comfortable. And Forever Skin Glow is just that. Like trusty denim, it feels like you have just slipped into something more comfortable. It’s light and emollient. It glides and absorbs into the skin deftly. It feels like you. And it also loves you, or rather, your skin. It not only embellishes the complexion but actually improves skin quality day by day, thanks to carefully curated skin-caring ingredients. Pansy extract is a hydration booster, think of it like your daily 2-litres of water, but for the skin. While protective rose fruit extract acts as a shield to pollution and other environmental skin aggressors. It also minimises the appearance of dilated pores, working to tighten and smooth them.

Available in 44 shades, its range is Herculean, matching every subtle nuance of almost every skin tone. The vast palette is imbued with tones of rose, amber, olive and peach to fuse with each and every tone, from lightest to darkest.

Like soft lighting, bottled; you’ll want to wear this forever.

Dior Forever skin glow foundation, $89.
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