If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting Grandiflora in Sydney’s pulsating Potts Point, you would know just how talented its founder, Saskia Havekes, truly is. An intimate oasis of sprawling ferns, sculptural posies, magnolia in bloom and David Austin roses, stepping inside the tiny studio is somewhat of a magical experience. There’s the magnificent, draping foliage, the words-can’t-do-it-justice scent, the bold explosion of colour; it’s overwhelming in the most wonderful of ways, and all at the hand of Havekes. Tending to the city’s floral needs for over 20 yeas, the formidable floriculturist is arguably Sydney’s finest, and now the queen of the flowers has teamed up with queen of the sheets, Sheridan.

Continuing its long tradition of creative partnerships, the SS19 Collection taps the artistry of Havekes for a sublime range of bedding, cushions and prints. Highlighting the beauty of Australia’s natural flora and fauna through luxurious duvets and pillowcases, the collaboration captures Grandiflora’s distinctive essence and vision, while remaining true Havekes’ artistic roots.

The collection features a series of original artworks showcasing hand-drawn botanicals and foliage, water-coloured magnolias and delicately rendered illustrations in both woven and digitally printed finishes, all designed in the Sydney Design Studio. For the artist, the process has been an emotional one. “This collaboration has been an incredibly emotional journey for me,” says Havekes. “It’s very special to see my passion brought to life in a completely new way. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the design team at Sheridan throughout the entire process, and although our creative expressions were different, our vision aligned perfectly.”

The limited-edition collection consists of six pieces – two quilt cover designs, a digitally printed pillowcase pair, a cushion and two artworks. The first hero bed, The Botanist, features a gathering of hand-drawn botanicals, each connecting to a story or experience, a glorious visual explosion which is both bold and delicate.

The second, Illume, celebrates the magnolia – Saskia’s forever muse and the inspiration behind the collection. In milky ivory tones, it is the subtler of the two, jacquard-woven with the exaggerated yet elegant silhouette of the Magnolia flower, both timeless and beautiful.

Painterly pillowcases, cushions and wall art round out the range, a collection which will no doubt flourish in anyone’s abode – green thumb or not. Fresh flowers to lift a room, you don’t even need to add water to see them bloom.