From Jane Fonda’s rainbow-striped sweatsuits to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Food Fund, celebrities have been been digging deep – and creatively – to help aid the Coronavirus crisis that plagues us. The latest celebrity to join the fight (via fashion) is Kendall Jenner.

The model, who co-shares the Zaza World creative cohort with friend, DJ Daniel Chetrit, is now making a range of t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and hats to raise funds for Covid-19. The dedicated charity range features a host of cheery illustrations and peace-making slogans blasted across simple white and black clothing and accessories. There’s the simple advice, “stay home”, which has effectively become the global tagline for Coronavirus, and “this shirt feeds people”, a more blatant pledge of where your dollars will go.

One hundred percent of Zaza’s net profits generated from the dedicated line will go to Feeding America, the national network of food banks which fosters shelters, soup kitchens and underprivileged communities, a body that has been somewhat of a lifeline for America in their fight against Covid-19.

The charitable street line also comes with a Zoom episode via the brand’s Apple Music channel, Zaza World Radio, where Kendal Jenner, Daniel Chetrit “and all your favourite pals” host a “living room pizza party”.

“Episode 11 “STAY HOME!” Is Live! Social Distancing At Its Finest. Link In Bio @beats1official @Applemusic – Don’t Forget To Hit Shop.ZaZaWorld.Com…We’re Donating 100% Of Our Net Proceeds To @feedingamerica In An Effort To Help Those Affected By Covid-19. 🌎❤️”