The exclusive collection of five X Nihilo bags

‘Tis the season of giving – and that’s exactly what bag label X Nihilo is doing. On 3 December 2016, leather goods lovers from around the world will be able to bid online for one (or all) of the brand’s limited edition In Good Hands bags, with all proceeds to be donated to UN Women National Committee Australia.

This vital organisation has been established to raise funds and promote awareness of the UN Women’s charitable work, focusing on female empowerment and gender equality.

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The Australian label’s charity handbags all have one or two hands splayed across the pieces

In relation to female empowerment, the UN Women’s aims are to expand women’s leadership, end violence against women, enhance women’s economic empowerment, plus much more. The exclusive series of X Nihilo bags for the online auction sees different illustrations of one or two hands splayed across the five accessories – from a clutch to an oversized tote.

An oversized tote is one of the pieces available to bid on from December 3

The leather goods take on a different direction to X Nihilo’s first collection, which launched in 2016 and err on the side of simplistic, sophisticated pieces – the vast majority just one colour. Wannabe owners are invited to bid on the collection via the X Nihilo website rom December 3, with the auction ending on December 11 at 8pm.